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Persistent thumb pain after a fall? Get an x-ray!

Using your hands to break a fall is common enough through all age groups, and so is the pain around the point of contact of the wrist and hand against the ground.   This is known as  a foosh injury – Fall On an Outstretched Hand. But if you or your child has pain around the base of the thumb near the wrist after the fall that is worse with use, hurts at night and doesn’t get better after a couple of days it’s very important to get it checked for a fracture.   Whilst most fractures heal quite well by themselves, because of the way the scaphoid is plumbed up to

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Scoliosis, a teenager & Simon Cowell (‘X Factor’)

Scoliosis in the young.  How to spot it (The ‘Skyline’ test) Get your son (or daughter), to stand barefoot in front of you with his back to you.  Ask him to bend over  to touch his toes with knees straight.  Don’t worry if he can’t touch them!  Not everyone can, especially among males.  Get your eyes at the same level as the the highest point of his back.  Is it level or does the left or right side of his back look higher (closer to the ceiling), than the other?  If ‘yes’, then you’ve found one. You should check again, but this time watching for any ‘hump’ on one side

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How long has your kid had that knee pain?

So, the long Kiwi summer hols are done & dusted…  This is my first post of the ‘new’ year, but March is knocking on the door already!  There’ve been a few typical holiday injuries rolling in through the clinic doors- bad necks from strange beds, bad backs from being dumped in the surf (including me!), and a couple of wrenches from trying to snatch luggage off airport carousels or out of car boots. But knee pain in kids is what caught my attention recently with a front page story in the North Shore Times (5 Feb). This was about 15 year old Eliszabeth Moata’ane who’d been having knee pain for

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Water – so how much should we be drinking?

Welcome, or welcome back, whichever it is…   I wish I had more time to listen to podcasts – so much to learn in so many places!  Health is one area which affects us all and interests most of us.  So if you’re like me and strapped for time, I hope you’ll find this a useful bit of clarity around the issue of how much & what we should be drinking. This is a summary of a BBC podcast (Inside Health, April 2014).  Let’s get started… Male/female differences The actual quantity you need depends on your body.  Women, for example, tend to have more body fat than men as a

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