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Do your knees swing in towards each other when you bend them ?

Many people notice their knees doing this instead of staying in line with the lower leg and foot.  This can be a problem. Why?  Well as the knee swings inwards it puts more pressure on the inside edge of the knee, including the medial collateral ligament there, which has to try to resist and control that pressure.  There could also be consequences for the meniscus or disc, which will have uneven pressure on it.  Both can be painful, with knock-on effects on the foot, which will tend to roll inwards increasing the pressure on the inner side of it. Imagine a leg with this knee problem like bending a stick. 

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Trampers & Hill Walkers – Knees Aching?

I made a discovery very late in the trip after many days out int the Nelson Lakes area in late December and early January last year.  It’s one I wish I’d cottoned onto much earlier, as it probably would have resulted in better tramping performance for less discomfort in the knees after each day. The pain, an ache, wasn’t so much inside the knee or deep down, but below the patella, or knee cap. I’m not sure exactly how or why I suddenly came to this realization, but it was this: Going uphill I was constantly relying on and overusing my quadriceps muscles for each upward step.  Those are the

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How long has your kid had that knee pain?

So, the long Kiwi summer hols are done & dusted…  This is my first post of the ‘new’ year, but March is knocking on the door already!  There’ve been a few typical holiday injuries rolling in through the clinic doors- bad necks from strange beds, bad backs from being dumped in the surf (including me!), and a couple of wrenches from trying to snatch luggage off airport carousels or out of car boots. But knee pain in kids is what caught my attention recently with a front page story in the North Shore Times (5 Feb). This was about 15 year old Eliszabeth Moata’ane who’d been having knee pain for

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The Overuse Injury – a pain from nowhere that refuses to go away

Hi everyone, This week I want to talk about some of those niggly problems which seem to come out of nowhere – you can’t remember any accident or doing anything you haven’t done a thousand times before.  But in many cases that’s exactly the problem – too much repetition.   ‘Too much’  is affected by ageing Why? Because as we slowly drift into middle age and beyond, the  substance that makes up our tendons, cartilage  and discs – all the tough white stuff you see when you’re doing some kitchen butchery  – starts to weaken.  So we can’t necessarily handle what we could do before. Recovery periods after activity are

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“Hey, what’s happened? I can’t touch my toes anymore!”

Sounds strange, doesn’t it?  That you can go from being able to touch your toes to not in the space of a day.  But it’s something I’ve seen several times in folk with low back pain. The sort of person who notices this is someone who regularly touches their toes during an exercise class such as yoga. So they know what their bodies can and can’t do. A lot of people who don’t get to do this movement regularly will never realize their hamstrings have suddenly gone tight on them.   How can your hams go inflexible overnight? In short, it’s all about neurological tightness.  The nerve that controls the

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Leg pains – a couple of unusual cases

My Noisy Leg – a tramping story I had this experience during a hike with a heavy pack along a long river bed covered with large stones.  There was no avoiding them.  This was over two days as I had to return the way I’d     come after a heavy rain warning. Now the stones were large, but not large enough to place the whole foot on, & I ended up putting my weight on the front of my foot a lot of the time when stepping up or down from them.  It’s    easy to be wise after the event, but doing this consistently over many hours with

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