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Think you might have a disc problem?

Hi everyone – however many that may be… Suddenly I seem to be seeing a lot of people with disc injuries, ranging from relatively mild to one particularly bad case that will probably end up needing surgery.  Luckily most don’t and they get better, though progress can be slow because of its properties and position jammed in between your spine.  You can’t exactly take it out and give it a rest! If you can identify with any of these symptoms, you might also have a disc problem, but before you get depressed, remember that many are mild and most get better! Tingling, pain or numbness running down the arm, the

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A story of a mild disc injury

Here’s a case of one in the lower back.  One which caused quite a lot of back pain, but no symptoms in the legs that usually accompany more severe disc injuries.  The leg symptoms I mean are things like sciatica, pins and needles, numbness or weakness in the leg from a nerve being pinched by a bulging disc or the inflammation from it. The Patient A fit manual worker in his early thirties who hobbled in one day, bending sideways to the left to avoid pain, and having a lot of trouble walking and staying upright. I don’t know if you’ve ever ‘been there’ – I have and it’s crippling. 

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