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“Getting old’s not for wimps” Trouble opening jars or getting out of chairs..

How often have I heard that from a senior as he or she slowly manoevers onto  the treatment table!  Older people often complain of pain stopping them from doing simple things, and often these are in several areas: hands, hips, the outsides of the thighs, shoulders…  The widespread symptoms can be confusing & demoralizing.  Advice to take it easier, or stop doing something altogether can be frustrating to someone who wants to stay active.   The solution is..? Strength training. This can start off without weight bearing (e.g. squeezing rubber balls to improve grip strength, or lying on the floor to do hip and leg exercises) and then move to

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Older people need to exercise smarter!

Most of us steaming slowly but inevitably into middle age and beyond will have noticed how niggles and pains seem to come about randomly and for little or no apparent reason.  Worse still is how they appear to hang around for much longer than before or that seems reasonable!   So why is this?  Well, three things spring to mind: Firstly, there’s the decline in muscle mass and quality as we age.  Unless we make a special effort – and it does take more effort just to keep what you’ve got as grow older – our muscles tend to diminish in size.  This means they tire & come under strain

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The Overuse Injury – a pain from nowhere that refuses to go away

Hi everyone, This week I want to talk about some of those niggly problems which seem to come out of nowhere – you can’t remember any accident or doing anything you haven’t done a thousand times before.  But in many cases that’s exactly the problem – too much repetition.   ‘Too much’  is affected by ageing Why? Because as we slowly drift into middle age and beyond, the  substance that makes up our tendons, cartilage  and discs – all the tough white stuff you see when you’re doing some kitchen butchery  – starts to weaken.  So we can’t necessarily handle what we could do before. Recovery periods after activity are

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Severe low back pain – Tune in to the warning signs

Trouble looming? Patients with severe low back pain often tell me that in the days before disaster struck, they felt something was “not quite right”. Or that they noticed that their back had been uncomfortable & stiffening up.  Other times, they’ll report a small injury in the weeks before which didn’t quite clear up. These are fairly common signs of something worse to come. And often the back will finally “go” for the stupidest of reasons – like putting something in a cupboard or picking something quite light up off the floor. You end up in an awful lot of pain and wondering just how bad things have come to

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Water – so how much should we be drinking?

Welcome, or welcome back, whichever it is…   I wish I had more time to listen to podcasts – so much to learn in so many places!  Health is one area which affects us all and interests most of us.  So if you’re like me and strapped for time, I hope you’ll find this a useful bit of clarity around the issue of how much & what we should be drinking. This is a summary of a BBC podcast (Inside Health, April 2014).  Let’s get started… Male/female differences The actual quantity you need depends on your body.  Women, for example, tend to have more body fat than men as a

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Arm Pain – how it’s easy to get it wrong

So I’d just like to use a real example of someone coming in with arm pain to talk about the process of diagnosis. A real case study – one problem with lots of competing explanations! A man in his early thirties came in complaining of sore hands and a sore back.  He was a floor layer, a job involving a lot of gripping of heavy tools, and the problem had been going on for 4 years & was affecting his sleep.  He’d had 15 treatments (on the spine) with little benefit from another therapist before I saw him. So what did I find?  Well, I could reproduce the numbness and

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