Persistent thumb pain after a fall? Get an x-ray!

Using your hands to break a fall is common enough through all age groups, and so is the pain around the point of contact of the wrist and hand against the ground.   This is known as  a foosh injury – Fall On an Outstretched Hand.

But if you or your child has pain around the base of the thumb near the wrist after the fall that is worse with use, hurts at night and doesn’t get better after a couple of days it’s very important to get it checked for a fracture.  

Whilst most fractures heal quite well by themselves, because of the way the scaphoid is plumbed up to its blood supply, a fracture here can stop the blood flow to it. Not good,  because the result is avascular necrosis – another obscure medical label which means that a part of the fractured bone is dying.  Collapse of the bone is possible as it weakens. 

You have been warned!

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