Welcome to Osteoworks blog

Whether you’ve got here by design or accident, welcome to this blog for & about people with pain or poor function in some part of their muscles or joints.

Hi, I’m Chris, and I hope to be writing regularly about subjects I hope will be of interest to the general public.  Sometimes these will be about a particular condition (e.g. sciatica or wrist pain), but there’ll also be case studies about real patients with real problems to illustrate how osteopathic treatment has helped.

And from time to time, there’ll also be articles summarising recent research or medical programmes on wider health topics such as Irritable Bowel Syndrome, stress or bipolar disorder.


Who am I? 

A fifty-something U.K trained osteopath and married father of one young teenage son, now working and living in Auckland, New Zealand.  My wife, also an osteopath, is the other half to our practice, with a valuable specialisation in osteopathy for babies.

My big interests, which might sneak into this blog site from time to time, include photography (especially black & white), tramping (Kiwi for trekking or hiking), cooking and peering at the heavens through a rather large telescope into the small hours of the morning.

This is my first attempt at blogging, so I hope you’ll be patient with any teething problems along the way…