What NOT to do for your tennis elbow

Drop the anti inflammatories if you’ve had your ‘tennis elbow’ for more than a month Because most chronic (i.e. long term) tendon issues are not due primarily to damage and inflammation following a tear, but to repetitive or continuous over use of the affected muscles. T

he problem here is the way the collagen fibres (the white stuff you see in tendons) change from being organised in line to being more of a jumbled tangle of fibres which are not good at being put under tension and recovering from use.

The normal healing process also seems to break down with many people experiencing on going discomfort for months and even years. What’s more, treatments which work for some don’t seem to work for everyone. Symptomatic ‘fixes’ like anti inflammatories and steroid jabs which may help in the short term, won’t get to the cause of the issue and may even delay or retard long term recovery.

But have your really got tennis elbow? Because pain on the outside of the elbow can come from other causes too. Four other causes jump to mind as I sit here typing this out, and they all require different treatment.  These include radial tunnel syndrome, a mechanical restriction of the radial head & ligament problems.

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